By Brenda J. Thomas Ph.D.

Have you ever felt that you should be someplace other than where you are, doing something different from what you are doing?  Do you ever find yourself thinking that you should be in a different relationship, that you should have new friends?  Have you questioned your job or career choice?  You may have had these or similar thoughts but have not yet figured out how to move from where you are to where you want to be.

When I worked in a corporate environment my friends and I often joked about our vision of what life would be like if we were in a different type job or a different company or maybe even in a different industry.  We contemplated a different future from what we were currently experiencing and realized that we would have to develop a plan to achieve these dreams.  We called this plan our “Plan B”.

To actualize our plan we developed an investment club and named it, The Plan B Investment Club, very original wouldn’t you say? In any event, it was our intention to use the investment club to enhance our financial investment knowledge and skills, to earn some additional revenue and to position us for career and life change.

The thing about our Plan B Club was that it was a way for us to get energized about the possibility of something different, something better.  We wanted to create new futures, futures where we were more in control of our destiny.  We wanted to work in an environment where we were recognized and rewarded for our talents and achievements.  We wanted to develop relationships that were supportive and nurturing.  We wanted to have fun and live exciting lives.  Our investment club experience helped us to develop a strategy and tactics to achieve these wants.

What started as a joke evolved into a forum that we used to get input from each other to help us design our plan B.  We came to understand that the idea of a different life is great but action is required to achieve it.

What actions are you implementing to create your Plan B?