After a long dreary winter, we look forward to a bright and refreshing spring. Spring is a time of optimism, a time of renewal when people look for ways to refresh their surroundings and uplift their mind and spirit.   It’s a time for new beginnings, which can be scary but they can also bring opportunities. Spring is a time for letting go of the old and making room for the new.

When I reflect on spring renewal I am reminded of a seminar I facilitated where everyone was challenged to think about how they might create for themselves a lighter and brighter life. One less encumbered by the baggage that we carry around every day. The participants were challenged to focus on changes they could make to improve their mind, make their bodies more healthy and their spirit more joyful. The ideas shared by the group were very enlightening.

There was much discussion about de-cluttering and simplifying both the minds and individual living spaces. We all tend to be collectors and over time we can become overwhelmed with the amount of “stuff” we have. Spring is a good time to take inventory and discard those things that we no longer need or use. It can sometimes be difficult if the items hold sentimental value but there a many books out there that offer ideas on how to resolve those issues. For example, many of us have boxes and boxes of photographs that we have taken over the years. Guess what, there are companies that will put those photographs on a disc or thumb drive for you! And as for decluttering the mind, if we are tech savvy we can offload a lot of information to our “smart phones” and our “digital assistants”. Otherwise, we can prioritize and focus our minds on those things that are of most important, make a to-do list for later or delegate to others.

Another huge area of discussion was on improving health and focusing on self.  Since spring is a time for new perspectives many suggested ideas for starting a new hobby or a new habit. They ranged from the more exotic like bungee jumping, skydiving and safari tours to walks in the park, meditation classes and afternoon naps. I have found that if we allow ourselves time to clear our minds there are countless things that we can think of doing to renew and regenerate.

What will spring renewal mean for you? Seize this opportunity to come up with at least one thing that you will do to lighten the heaviness of your day-to-day life.