By Brenda J. Thomas, Ph.D.

Over the years I have observed that successful people seem to share some of the same characteristics. They tend to approach life just a little differently than the average person. What I mean is they are more deliberate about their actions and their approach to accomplishing their goals. What I learned from studying their behavior is they employ what I call a six-step process for goal achievement.

Step 1. The first step is to identify what is important to you. Not to your friends, your family or your colleagues. Determine what success looks like for you and put your time and energy into activities that result in positive personal outcomes.

Step 2. Once clear about your goals the next step is figure out what it takes to achieve those goals. Reflect on current skills to determine if additional training, education, experiences or qualifications will be needed.

Step 3. Next consider the resources that you have that can be helpful. This also gives you a sense of resources that will be required that you don’t currently have and spark your thinking about how you might find them.

Step 4. The forth step is to develop a personal action plan that includes the activities that have to be completed and the timeline for getting them done.

Step 5. After the plan is developed it is then time to put it into action. In other words, just do it!

Step 6. The final step is to review the results. Is the plan working or should it be changed? If it is working great! If it needs to be modified make the needed changes and keep moving forward.

The beauty of this process is that it is very simple and it helps you get clear about your goals and what is needed to accomplish them.