Conference Design and Facilitation Services

We offer design and facilitation services for internally sponsored conferences offered by client organizations. We specialize in conferences for women’s affinity groups.

For example, conferences have been focused on:

  • Personal or professional development of the women
  • Collaboration between groups of women, such as across organizational level, different racial and ethnic groups or generational groups.
  • Improving working relationships with women employees and others such as: leaders, managers and men’s groups

In-House Retreats

LifeTurns’ publicly offered retreats can be adapted for and sponsored by organizations for their employees and by associations for their members.

Our clients are:

  • Associations of professional women
  • Women’s leadership groups in corporations, universities, and public service
  • Women’s affinity networks
  • Corporations engaged in diversity and inclusion change efforts
  • Women of Color networks
  • Women’s personal and professional support groups
  • Non-profit organizations providing services to women
  • Alumni groups