Coaching Services or 1-to-1 Coaching

LifeTurns coaches establish trusting relationships by providing a confidential, safe and action-oriented learning space customized for you. We work to focus your efforts to discover, envision, plan and implement with efficiency and move forward with confidence. Through assessment you receive the feedback you need to create and implement plans to meet your goals.

You’ve come to a turn in your career or life – Now what?  Perhaps you are:

  • Being given or held back from a promotion, need to align your personal style to job demands – what new behaviors or attitudes are required?
  • Longing to step off the corporate treadmill for a minute to answer the persistent question: Is this all there is?
  • Confronted with an unanticipated detour such as a relocation opportunity or a planned change like retirement: What’s next?
  • Determined to leave a well-worn personal or professional path  – but how?

Big decisions and powerful emotions are normal at these major transitions, but this mixture can be overwhelming. Changes in your personal and professional life are intertwined.  Making changes in either domain profoundly affects the other.

Our approach is holistic, seeking to integrate and balance the various dimensions of life. Our clients report the benefits of working with us are:

  • Confidence in launching a solid career change campaign
  • Increased skills in balancing the complex demands of work-life
  • Renewed enthusiasm for personal change efforts
  • Ease and competency in handling diversity challenges