50+ Women: Changing Women!

Live your life with passion, quietly or loudly, it’s the only one you’ve got!

This retreat is designed to benefit women who are approaching age 50, are already there or beyond, and who want to explore “What’s Next”. It will take you on an excursion leading to creating or refining a map of your next chapter. A map built on the wisdom you have from years past and your daydreams of years to come. This retreat is an opportunity to ponder your “life turns” by sharing with and learning from a community of diverse women at different points along the journey. Life beyond 50 years is often referred to as the “Third Age”. At this life stage thoughtful considerations can lead to finding new purpose and ways of contributing to your profession or calling, your relationships and your community. This is the time of life where you reap the harvest and act on the wisdom you have accumulated at earlier life stages. Sometimes, that means shedding old habits and unsatisfying expectations. It also is an opportunity to engage the “dreams deferred”. You will leave the retreat with more clarity, commitment and intention to meaningfully transform your life at this unique and important life stage.

During this weekend, your seasoned, caring workshop leaders will guide you through activities and meditations to:
• Assess the current state of your life
• Consider the gifts, challenges and tasks of this life stage
• De-clutter your “internal closets” to make space for change
• Plan to remove old patterns that block change
• Tap into your unstoppable drive to envision What’s Next!

Maria C. Ramos Ed.D.
Rita Hardiman Ed.D.
Brenda J. Thomas Ph.D.
The team has decades of experience creating dynamic personal, professional and leadership development retreats for women.

Dates: TBD