helpThis is a powerful, brilliant, little book from Anne Lamott.  She is at once down-to-earth and profound in sharing the only prayers she believes matter in life. Inviting believers, agnostics and atheists to join, she explores the power of prayer. She teaches that prayer is simple, accessible, and understandable. Lamott’s stories are so authentic, reading them feels like I am visiting with a friend, an amazingly quick-witted, self-effacing, and very funny friend. Skillfully, she extracts the essence of practical prayers, which have been said by many, over the ages, in situations that called for huge to tiny blessings or just gave thanks in awe of grace.

While reading, my mind trips back to memories of and prayers that went along with my life’s transitions. Then my heart leaps forward in prayer about present realities and envisioned futures. I am reading this book again because the writing is amazing, as is the content. I suggest you read this book; it will make your soul feel brighter and perhaps with earnest prayer make your load feel a little lighter too.