Preview of “This Is Getting Old- Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity- 9781590307762- Susan Moon- Books- Shambhala Publications”Throughout our ever-changing lives we are best served by recognizing the latent potential opportunities as we make transitions, imagining our new future. Then there is the dilemma of getting older when we are essentially faced with the puzzle of how to ‘age well’ with the blessing of more time that is filled with the challenges of evermore limiting capabilities. Throughout this collection of essays about her personal experiences with aging Susan Moon demonstrates that we choose the attitude and approach we take to handling this stage of life. A sixty plus, Zen Buddhist, writing instructor she engages us with her lively, honest, and witty writing style.

The essays are clustered into three major areas including, Cracks In Mind and Body, Changing Relationships and In the Realm of the Spirit. Ms. Moon is frank and true as she shares the serious issues of physical decline, loneliness, death and depression. Yet, she simultaneously discusses the rewards and blessings of aging along with these downsides. She often focuses on the particular issues of aging women generalizing from her own experiences and other women too.

Overall she shares what she has learned with grace, humor and sincerity. Drawing from her practice as a Zen Buddhist she shares universal wisdom from which we can all benefit. I strongly recommend this to people in their fifties and sixties, you will laugh and learn from many if not all of her essays.