We’ll rise up. And we’ll do it a thousand times again – Audra Day

We watched as they made their entrances in bright white, regal scarlet, sky blue, royal purple, brilliant yellow and deep burgundy. All the powerful women, Vice-President, Dr. First Ladies,  triple threats, and Poet Laureate powerfully stepped forward with style. Oh and yes their men and children were with them – with them, not in front or behind them – with them! These women who were letting us know in no uncertain terms, change gonna come!

There was a sudden sense of relief on January 20th this year. It was a long deep sigh from all the folks, who have been waiting to exhale for years. The deep divide, nurtured by those outgoing but too juvenile to show up, which was foreshadowed during their first campaign. In the January 6th insurrection’s destruction and lawlessness leaving five dead, we saw the reflection of the 2017 Unite the Right. That Charlottesville rally with its hate-filled marching and maiming, leaving one dead. Back in 2017 we were appalled to hear it said that there were “very fine people on both sides”. In 2021 after so many years of hateful rhetoric and actions we were disgusted but not surprised to hear the insurrectionists told, “we support you, we love you” as they were incited to attempt the overthrow of this democracy. We know the rage of extremists is not going away. It may not even go underground, as it has in times past. There will be no magic turn around of the results of the pervasive incompetence, deceit and bigotry that prevailed over the previous years.

Yet, we see these women warriors taking space and place in all their dazzling regalia and we feel hope for a period of change. These women some moving from being self-authorized to democratically accountable, who know how to work, to get it done beyond all odds. They will make change with, intelligence, ethics and hard work driven by hope for a more just world. We can breathe again. We can also, by being self-authorized ourselves ignite and support the needed changes.

The new dawn blooms as we free it, For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, If only we’re brave enough to be it.       Amanda Gorman