by Maria C. Ramos Ed.D

It may not truly feel like spring yet with the cold, brisk winds blowing.  Yet we have set the clocks forward an hour, we see the buds on the trees and the flowers are blooming. The time is here and now to spring forward on your next move. You have probably been mulling it over while trapped in your house by the snow or the flu. What’s next? How do I improve my life? When do I break out of this rut? Well here you are with all of nature screaming at you – Let’s go! Whether your next move is major, career change, relocation or less major, organizing home office, visiting friends – It’s BIG! Let’s take some lessons from Mother Nature.

Discerning: Flowers or Weeds

Along with the newly blooming beautiful flowers come the weeds. Without a trained eye it’s difficult to tell them apart when they first appear. You either do your homework to learn to tell them apart or wait until they mature enough to see the difference. When you are considering that career change do your homework. Talk to others about the realities of the profession or organization. Research the history, the career path and the future trends in the profession or company. Spend time with someone already doing the work to see what it’s really like. Then make a mature decision that feels right for you.

Coping: Beauty and the Pollen

The colors of spring are incredibly beautiful, yellow daffodils, purple pansies, red tulips, pink cherry blossoms, and lilacs. The bees are buzzing around snatching up the nectar and fertilizing flowers that will yield fruit. Unfortunately with all that beauty, color and future bounty also come the highest pollen counts of the year. You might be seeking relieve from an allergy medicine or constantly washing the pollen off your car, but we all cope. Relocation is exciting with lots to explore, decorating a new home, and meeting new people. Oh yeah, then there are movers, address changes, finding a new hair stylist and scheduling the cable guy. Before you start packing, consider how you will cope with the stress of moving, because it’s always stressful. A beautiful oasis of calm is created when you take time every day even for 10 minutes to sit quietly and focus on your breath. Using your network to identify friendly people and good resources in the new place will ease the anxiety and pollinate the beginning of a support system. Allowing time to settle in will yield a comfortable home.

Clearing:  Space for Nature

Many of us love to get out into our yards, onto our terraces or in front of windows to clear a space of new plants. Planting flowers will enliven our space. Some plants bear food for our meals. Organization in your home offices is liberating. Clearing out the clutter makes space for creativity and new projects.  Tossing the old papers, magazines and books makes room for a scanner moving a step closer to electronic filing. Not spending time looking for things, gives you time to set-up on-line bill paying, banking and reduce other paper producing chores. Instantly, you are an environmentalist saving trees and reducing trash.

Communicating: Birds & Bees Do It

The sounds of spring are awesome, the birds chirping and the bees buzzing. It’s time to commune with nature and each other. Take a trip whether long or short to visit friends seems like a small thing. Yet, scientists tell us that having strong relationships not only brings happiness, it lengthens our life spans. Planes, trains and automobiles or bikes and hikes it’s all good, for you and the folks you are visiting. Enjoy the journey not just the visit.