Life has made a seismic shift or so it feels. We were inside for so long, now we are moving out again. There was a deep stillness in our daily experiences during lockdown. However it was not peaceful due to the concurrent cacophony, of political, social justice and financial crises, that was startlingly. Yet, most of us were not distracted from the stealthiest killer we had ever known. The Covid 19 pandemic is truly a monster with 605,000 dead and still counting in the USA.

Now, we are being told it’s safe to move about, engage again with the outside world and other people. Hmm! The invisible monster is still stalking us in different variants. Do we really trust the vaccines? We have had a collective near death experience that is still being played out. Now it’s time to emerge from the safety of our homes, to be up close and personal with others outside our “pods”. Venture out to do the things that were 15 months verboten.

Well, it’s been two months since we were released from the Covid lockdown. There have been as many approaches to emerging from the pandemic, as there were approaches to locking down. Some of us have decided: What the hell let’s go for it! Others are coping with pandemic hangover, actively concerned about the safest way to gradually emerge while protecting the well-being of self and others from the lingering monster. Either way it feels good to see our folks in-person, touch, hug and enjoy!

It is not easy to shake-off the pandemic related anxiety and stress, along with our unhealthy coping behaviors, that for many created physical and mental health issues. There were those who took advantage of the lockdown to focus on self-care and building healthy habits – good for them! The reality is that one year after the declaration of the global pandemic, a warning was issued by the American Psychological Association regarding the negative impact on the long-term physical and mental health of Americans, based on its poll “Stress in America 2020 ™”.

Whether you are a slow, an intermediate or a quick adapter to change, it’s time to reassess and fine tune your life skills tool kit for post pandemic realities. There are many considerations to make, including:

  • Which pandemic related good habits do you want to keep, what bad habits will you modify or give up?
  • How do we continue to cultivate the resilience skills, such as self-care, appreciating nature, etc. that we developed during the pandemic, to carry us forward into our new realities?
  • What’s next as you expand your horizons at your own speed?

During the lockdown there were many conversations with family and friends about what we missed and could not wait to do again. That’s your bucket list! Write the list down and start making plans. Enjoy each item you check off and decide when you will do it again!

On the other hand, we talked about what duties we could not wait to relinquish and hopefully never do again! Count your blessings each time you let one go and sincerely thank whoever has taken on the job!