The NoticerI received The Noticer by Andy Andrews from a friend. I found it to be both inspiring and provoking. The story is about a man named Jones who appears and disappears out of nowhere to people who are struggling with various issues in their lives. His notion is that a person’s perspective on a situation is the determining factor in his or her success. He challenges people to look at things with “a broader view”, his definition of perspective. Jones professes that everyone has “gifts” and his is that of a “Noticer”. He notices things about situations and people that produce perspective and gives them this broader view that allows them to, as he says, regroup, take a breath and begin their lives again.
The book caused me to do some personal reflection on my perspective of issues in my life with the notion that maybe my views were too narrow. It really made me think about things in a different way. So much so that I bought several copies of the book and gave them to my friends who I felt might benefit from a new perspective.