Maria C. Ramos Ed.D.

Maria-RamosMaria is a trusted coach building powerful alliances with her clients. An intuitive, insightful coach she helps self-directed learners get to the core of what drives and blocks their development. She creatively facilitates fresh ways to view transitions, enhance perspective and take action. Her clients are executives, entrepreneurs, non-profit managers, higher education leaders, working mothers, artists, faith leaders, retirees and others seeking to flourish.

She has years as a C-Suite coach to leaders in Forturne500 international companies. Her coaching focuses on assessment, developing new attitudes and behaviors and aligning personal style with organizational demands. In particular, she creates a safe place for dialogue with leader’s about their diversity challenges, customizing practical, action-oriented learning to expand cultural intelligence and cross-cultural competency in support of the achievement of their  inclusion change goals.

Maria knows it’s not easy to make the life you envision rather than taking life as it comes. She appreciates the deep self-satisfaction resulting from choosing your own path. Her coaching is informed by her life’s turns and transitions. Maria has successfully, but not without great challenges navigated her many roles as a:  single parent, corporate leader, successful entrepreneur, organizational consultant, caregiver, and wife. These experiences honed her passion to work with women to explore options and implement plans for success.

Maria has a doctorate in Applied Behavioral Sciences from the University of Massachusetts.  She has served as faculty for graduate programs in organizational sciences at American University and George Washington University. She is a member of the NTL Institute and the Organizational Development Network. She is trained in co-active coaching by CTI. Selected clients include DuPont, Merck, Microsoft, Siemens, Yale University and CIGNA.

Client Testimonials:

“Maria is an outstanding coach; she is flexible, intuitive and has grasped my issues quickly. Her standard of professionalism is second to none. Whether it be for personal or professional reasons, let your coaching search end here.”

“Maria helped me reflect then position my skills and abilities in a broad context, which allowed me to market myself to a wider audience. Her support also was instrumental in giving me the confidence to focus on seeking higher education. She is a phenomenal coach and I have appreciated her support!”

“Maria listened, clarified my concerns and fears while she encouraged and supported me in my decision.”