Brenda J. Thomas Ph.D.


Brenda is a results-driven coach and change leader with a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals and potential.  She is an extraordinary listener and asks insightful questions that challenge her clients to more deeply examine themselves and their goals. As a coach Brenda approaches each client respectful of their needs and goals, working with them in developing greater self-knowledge, forming realistic plans and supporting the execution to guide their transitions.

Her extensive background as a business leader at the DuPont Company and her experience as a nationally recognized change agent enabled her to create a more supportive work environment and improved career opportunities for diverse employees.   Brenda has led both sales and global process improvement teams where her efforts resulted in more than $200 MM in revenue over a 3-year period and 80% increase in growth projects in support of strategic business objectives.  She has also trained and mentored more than 1500 managers and professionals in six sigma technology and business best practices methodology.

Having earned her doctorate in organization and management with a focus on career development she easily and with great compassion relates to client’s experiences as they contemplate “what’s next?”.  She excels at networking, bringing together ideas, people and planning to enhance personal and professional growth.  She’s an expert on how to juggle and balance professional responsibilities with the demands of being a caregiver to aging parents, a step mom, a wife and a community volunteer.

Brenda holds a PhD in business from Capella University and an MBA in management from The University of Georgia.   She has also trained with The Coaches Training Institute and the National Training Laboratories.

Brenda is a member of The International Women’s Forum, The Delaware Financial Literacy Institute and The National Association of Female Executives.


Client Testimonials:

“Brenda is a very good listener, she helped me discover ways to be a caregiver and at the same time maintain a life for myself.”

“One of Brenda’s most valuable talents is her ability to listen – not just to the words but to the message and emotion underneath the words.  This enables her to ask extremely insightful questions, which typically requires deep and reflective thought.“

“Brenda is similar to a midwife – she helps ‘give birth’ to one’s essence through self discovery and self-realization.”