Women's Communications

Much has been written about women in the workplace and what it takes for them to succeed.  One book that I keep on my bookshelf and recommend to women new to the world of work and also to seasoned working women is Phyllis Mindell’s book “A Women’s Guide to the Language of Success”.  I like this book because it points out so many of the basic communication blunders that women make.  Mindell talks about weak words and powerful words and draws a correlation between weak language and the invisibility of women.

In addition to the words we use our body language also conveys powerful messages about who we are.   As women it is importance to have a strong presence and convey confidence in both spoken and written communications.   Something as simple as where you sit when attending a meeting can impact perceptions about you.  Early in my career I didn’t understand the significance of this and always chose a seat in the back of the room or at the far end of the table.  I came to understand however that where you physically position yourself could be just as important as what your say.  Mindell’s book provides suggestions and examples of confidence builders that can be used to transform women who have weak, wimpy communication skills into women who communicate that they are powerful and successful leaders.